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9/11: “A Day to Remember”



ST. CLOUD, MN – For the tenth anniversary of 9/11 people came together to remember the fallen. The attacks of Sept. 11 sent ripple effects throughout the country, even in Minnesota.

“I did put security on places on campus in case local stuff would start to spread,” said Larry Haws, former Minnesota representative.

On 9/11 Haws also put security at the courthouse, the court entrance, it’s chambers, it’s commissioner rooms and the jailhouse in case of local terrorism.

It is as if time stood still on 9/11; most people can recount exactly what they were doing and where they were.

A St. Cloud resident, Mackenzie Feeny, remembers being in her kindergarten classroom and not knowing how to comfort her crying teacher.

The St. Cloud Police Department held this event to honor people who lost their lives and loved ones. The community honored those who lost their lives not only on Sept. 11, but in the history of the United States.

Reverend McAfee said the tenth anniversary was not only a day for tears, but also smiles. Shortly after his statement a grandpa and granddaughter were playing peek a boo. It is good to see some smiles on such a sorrowful day.

“The event today that held place here was very emotional, very touching,” said Kenneth Johnstone, Sergeant at Arms for St. Cloud Metro Vets.

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